Maya Bijou

Maya Bijou


Maya Bijou was born in Vallejo, California on 14 September 1997.

This spicy latina is a black, white, Mexican and Italian ethnic mix. She is a tiny 4ft 12in and weighs 102 lbs. She has long black hair, handful-sized natural tits and an ass to die for.

Maya was 13 when she lost her virginity under a bridge with her first boyfriend who she met after buying him sour gummy worms. Her first time didn’t go so well and it was so awkward and painful that she ran home. This didn’t stop her though, after this all her and her boyfriend did for a year was have sex. After breaking up with her first boyfriend, Maya went crazy and fucked around so much that she got into trouble when she began to have sex with her mother’s boyfriend’s friends and cousins.


Real Talent is Hard to Find

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