Addison Ryder

Addison Ryder


Addison Ryder is lovely and sexy young girl who was born in Providence, Rhode Island on July 22, 1995. The brunette with piercing blue eyes got into porn just one year after she lost her virginity when she was eighteen years old (at the backseat of a car, which as she remembers was terrible).

Back in high school she was not a promiscuous girl and she didn’t really date; she believed that guys were actually afraid of her (she even had a girl as a prom date). Her only sexual partner before porn was the guy she lost her virginity to and she never dated girls because she lived in a small town where she did not feel free to experiment sexually. But it did not mean that she did not look at other girls and felt attracted to them.

In 2014, at the age of nineteen, Addison joined the world of porn. She was quite inexperienced when she shot her first scenes (she had only one sex partner till that moment), but it did not stop her from continuing her career. She got into the industry after a girl she met in a bar in Los Angeles (during her holiday there) told her that she was in the porn industry. Somehow, the girl convinced her to start a porn career. Even if the girl did not convince her, Addison was seriously thinking to get in the porn industry because she was constantly horny but had trouble to find partners (even though she looks amazing). Prior porn, she used to work as a dancer.


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