Angell Summers

Angell Summers


Angell Summers is a Porn Star from France. She was born in Chartres on May 29, 1987. Black-haired beauty Angell Summers is on the side of petite, but she is larger than life. The moment she begins to dirty talk with her sexy French accent, the whole room lights up. She's lively and full of energy. In fact, this brunette has so much stamina that she could give 10 men a run for their money and barely break a sweat. Then again, she is a Gemini, which makes her a natural and outgoing exhibitionist. She's also a jet-setting pornstar. Since starting her adult career in 2007, she has shot porn films in exotic world destinations like Guadeloupe and the Greek Islands. However, she loves flying into L.A. for everything from a simple ass slapping to anal overdose. As cosmopolitan as she seems, this big tits babe is both real and playful. She loves to tease in her native tongue, and invites PervCity to slap her 37-inch booty. Of course, we do more than that! Born near Paris, in Northern France, Angell Summers is a free spirit with an open mind. She's a sexual adventurer willing to try most things once. However, the most important thing about sex to this European stunner is having fun—and there is plenty of pleasure to be had with Angell Summers!


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