Gia Paige

Gia Paige


Gia Paige is a pornstar with amazing round ass and small natural tits. She was born on June the 18, 1990, in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents got divorced but both of them got happily remarried (and everybody gets along) so she and her 3 sisters didn't take it too hard. In school she was a bit of a nerd and a weirdo, and she was pretty OK with the fact that she didn't have many friends. She was even in a band for a while. This petite brunette kissed a girl before she ever kissed a boy, but she didn't have sex with her. Her first sexual experience was with a buy. Since her parents didn't allow her to have a boyfriend, she used to hang out at her best friend's house a lot. She even lost her virginity to her first boyfriend at that house (at the age of 15). Her friend got a bit angry because coitus took place in her bed. At first she had sex only with her boyfriends, but later when she was in high school she lost control and became promiscuous – she admits that she lost count when she got to around 40 guys. This hazel-eyed cutie even fucked around 10 girls before porn. During that time (before she entered adult industry) she was a nanny, but since that was a part time job she later started working at a pizza place, and even became a manager.

Gia Paige's porn career started in 2015, but before that she did some nude modeling for Suicide Girls. As time went by, her job at a pizza place became boring so she quit, and went on to live with her father. One day she saw a documentary about webcam girls and one of them did porn. It seemed interesting and Gia realized that it was something she could do. Although she's not in porn for a long time, she has already worked for well known companies like: Evil Angel, Mofos, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Team Skeet, Nubiles and others. For some time she lived in a cam house which was a project by Reality Kings. Basically, it's reality TV with pornstars, and there's a lot of sex and fun. Gia was a James Deen's fan for a long time so a scene she did with him is her favorite so far.

Gia has 11 tattoos and she likes being slapped on the ass and her hair being pulled, so doggie is her favorite position. Generally, she likes it rough but sometimes she likes it gentle and sweet, and doesn't like really huge cocks because she's such a small girl. In order for Gia to be attracted to a guy, he has to be understanding and able to make her laugh. She used to be a painter but now she doesn't have the time, and she loves reading, video games (her favorite is Viva Pinata), Mexican food and pizza. She enjoys watching movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, American Psycho, Donnie Darko (etc.), but her favorite movie is Gia. Once she gave her friend a blowjob on a plane, and it was right there in the seat (it was a night flight and they got some complimentary blankets, so no one could see what's going on). Gia would like to go back to school and study mortuary science.


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