Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs


Jennifer Jacobs was born on June 28, 1997 in Manhattan, New York. Before Jennifer Jacobs started in the porn industry, she was from a musical band in high school for four years. She marched in the Macy's Parade, so she was invested in the arts, music, and dance. She went to a nursing school for two years and worked in a nursing home for nine months before she moved to California. She did not like the depressing nature of the nursing home, so she changed her major to Business at college. When she decided to go on a road trip to California for two and a half days, she did not know what awaited her there. She worked at a gym as a sales representative for four months, and it was not suitable for her either, then she decided to check out Craig's List and found this: "Models Wanted! XXX Movies!”.

Jennifer admits that she has done anal sex off camera and she liked it. She adds that she looks for someone who can have a conversation with her, stimulate her mentally and physically as well. Her hobbies include hiking, cooking, traveling and exploring new places, meeting new people, reading books and listening to music. She likes all music genres except hardcore country. Her favorite movie is Cinderella, her favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy, favorite food is pizza, and her favorite books include The Boys In The Boat, The Twilight Series, and Hunger Games.