Kenzie Kai

Kenzie Kai


Kenzie Kai was born on December 15, 1995, in Graham, Texas. Kenzie has always been a very sexual girl who really loved being in front of a camera. Somehow these two passions of hers mixed together well enough so she ended up in the adult entertainment industry. Her beginnings happened when she landed a gig where she had to pose nude and it sort of opened her eyes about the adult entertainment industry. She realized that she enjoyed being nude and later having sex on camera, so she decided to continue pursuing her porn career.

Her official start was in 2017 and she has managed to shoot scenes in genres such as amateur, POV, big cock, masturbation, teen, and hardcore. Kenzie truly enjoys her free travels and the great sex, the two best things that her new profession brings. She has stated that she will not be in this industry for too long and that she is really in it for the good time (which is quite visible in her passionate scenes). Kenzie has a tattoo on the lower right side of her stomach. Her body is completely natural.


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