Lyra Law

Lyra Law


Slim, comely, and sexy 5'7" blonde Lyra Law (aka Lyra Louvel) was born on December 30, 1992 in Los Angeles, California.

Lyra Low grew up in Southern California in a religious family. In her childhood she was a real tomboy; she loved animals and had plenty of pets such as lizards, horses, big snakes. Lyra wasn't the best student, but she loved reading, just not the books that she was supposed to read for school. She worked really hard and graduated early so she could move from her hometown and do whatever she wanted to do. She lost her virginity when she was fourteen years old. One week after she slept with the guy, she broke up with him because she didn't want to be in a relationship because she wanted to experience as much as possible. She was never promiscuous (she was always worried that she might get STD) but she was very sexually open with her partners and always had high sex drive. When comes to girls, she only had a few, but she never ended up in a threesome. In an interview she has stated that (so far, after her porn career has taken off) she has slept with around 69 men. After high school she went to make up school in Los Angeles

She had her debut in the industry when she was twenty-two years old (2014). Lyra started off as a dominatrix and her beginnings were in the Fem Dom porn genre. She didn't naively ended up in porn, because she was thinking about it since she was sixteen years old. Unlikely most girls in the industry, Lyra was not nervous or scared about her first scene. She was actually turned on because she loves being watched when she has sex She has been quite active during these two years and shot scenes for almost every genre. One of her favorites is the one she shot for where the director Greg Lansky gave her the freedom to be herself and have a good time. Her co-star Rob and she had an amazing chemistry and she has stated that after a while, she completely forgot about the cameras. Lyra enjoys filming with older men and women and has a fetish about a Gloryhole; the fact that she doesn't know who is on the other side makes her super horny.

Lyra has been with both men and women and is naturally dominant in bed. Some members of her family know about her job in the porn industry and she doesn't mind at all because she adores her job and wouldn't quit even if the most religious family members find out. Lyra is attracted to people who are free to express themselves. When she doesn't work she spends plenty of time with her dog and her boyfriend. Also, she can be found working on strange projects such as designing a wooden puppet theater or thinking of entrepreneurial pursuits. She loves googling species of animals or watching videos on YouTube on how to do at home taxidermy. Lyra says that she a very curious person. She has several tattoos including a writing on the inside left of her upper arm; one on her right pelvic; a writing on the outside of her right forearm and one on the right of her calf. Lyra has stated that she is a free-spirited weirdo. In five years she hopes to remain in the industry.


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