Manon Martin

Manon Martin


Manon Martin (aka Manon) was born on May 25, 1991 in Bordeaux, France. Manon is a fresh new French porn star who has a gorgeous face and incredible body. Add on that combination the sexy French accent and you have the dream girl for any fan, director and co-star. She is one of the newest names in the production of Marco Dorcel. Prior her final decision to become a porn star, she had sexy webcam performances for a full year. Soon she became bored and needed something more challenging and what iss more challenging than being an adult star. Marco Dorcel quickly spotted her (and who wouldn’t, she is 1.7 meters tall, has incredibly slender figure, perky small breasts and long legs). Manon is perfectly content with her choice and once she entered the porn world she realized that this is a real job where days are loaded with work and people have deadlines and tons of things to do. She didn’t undergo any plastic surgery in order to become even more desirable. Her entire body is completely natural.One of Manon’s movies, “Lust” is especially popular among her fans. There she plays an unfaithful wife that gets punished by her husband after he catches her giving oral sex to another man. The film became number one selling movie in Dorcel production. For now she is focused on working with French productions such as Dorcel and Hervé Bodilis.



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