Megan Coxxx

Megan Coxxx


Megan Coxxx was a British erotic actress from Southampton, England, UK. She was well known for her slender body, height (5'10"), accent, and silly, playful personality.

Coxxx was born in Southampton, UK on September 13, 1989. She grew up somewhat well-off and posh. From childhood, she was a member of the British Juniors Dressage (competitive horse training) team, and had actually been in training for the 2012 Olympics Dressage competition when she quit to pursue porn. She first entered the industry while in college by applying to an erotic photography site for softcore lesbian scenes. She states she was mainly, "...looking for party money," but given that she dropped out of school and horse competitions, it could be gleaned that she was perhaps looking to cast off her strict, goody-two-shoes upbringing by becoming her own person.

Fun Facts

- A former roommate of fellow English porn star Danny D.

- States that she still gets nervous and butterflies in her stomach before every shoot; however, she believes this is an important part of displaying excitement in the finished scene.

- Smokes American Spirit brand cigarettes.


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