Megane Lopez

Megane Lopez


Megane Lopez is a well-known French adult actress. She was born in France on 1st January 1997, where she grew up with her family and older ones. She had a regular upbringing since she had a modern family. She attended some of the best schools through her formative years and also got a college degree in the country. She had a lot of friends growing up and she was quite the extrovert. On several occasions, Megane volunteered to perform in different extracurricular activities and hoped that one day she would become famous. If there is anything to know about Megane’s personality, it is that she keeps a lot of secrets. She has a private life so no one knows much about her parents and relationship status.

The brunette star joined the industry in 2019. And being one of the sexy figures around, she had a good career run. She has worked with a lot of studios including LetsDoelt, Zone Sexuelle, and Ange Elle. She has featured in a number of films that the current estimated number of videos she has recorded is 70. And so far, Megane has worked in over 62 categories most of which are lesbian scenes – Erotica for Women, and Group Sex Scenes for Women.

Megane had always been someone with a great sex appeal. She joined the industry because she had confidence in her body and also her zeal to become famous. In about three years already, she has had huge successes. Some of the performers she is rumored to have worked with are Anto Toto, Mugur, and Josh Jo. This hot blonde actress also loves to co-star with Ricky Mancini – the unique bond between the duo is strong. Together, they’ve made over 20 videos. Many claim that Megane’s current net worth is over $2 Million which she earned from making movies, doing photoshoots, and social media sponsorships.

Megane’s world is one filled with secrets. She has a very sexy body – medium-sized boobs and bum to turn heads. She is so seductive! There is so much she could do to every part of the body to stimulate an intense orgasm. She shows an interest in both men and women. For women, she loves to suck pussy, finger, and smooch. For men, she loves a good reverse cowgirl, anal, and vaginal.

The French model loves to do interesting things in her leisure time. She loves good music and art. She also likes to travel across the world and post photos on her social media. Megane loves tattoos. She has one on her upper back – a huge turn-on!


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