Mellanie Monroe

Mellanie Monroe


Mellanie was born on September 14, 1976 in Florida. Before she settled in the porn industry she worked in the retail industry. She has always been a fun-loving girl, full of energy and always the life of the party; in her school days she was a cheerleader.

Mellanie has a dog and enjoys spending time with her pet. She is single and is into guys who like to have fun and are into fitness. Her favorite position is doggy and she is also into girls, but doesn’t classify herself as a bisexual.Mellanie has piercings on her right nostril and on her navel. She resides in NYC and hangs very often with Lisa Ann; however most of her friends are not in the porn industry, but rather in the mainstream music or film industry. In her spare time she works out and spends time with her friends and her pet.


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