Moka Mora

Moka Mora


Exceptionally beautiful Moka Mora was born on July 2, 1991, in Dallas, Texas but was raised in Spain. She moved to Barcelona with her father. There she was homeschooled and has always been a smart student who played violin and trombone. At the age of around eighteen, Moka moved back to the United States, because of her mother who remained living there.When she was seventeen years old, Moka had sex for the first time. She was always a very sexual girl with a high sex drive and prior porn she had about twenty-five sexual partners. Besides with men, she was also with women. Before focusing on her porn career, Moka worked as a yoga instructor. She was also in telemarketing and also did a little web-camming.A former dominatrix (she worked as one for four years), Moka finally started shooting actual porn sex scenes in 2016, at the age of twenty-five. Her contact with the adult entertainment industry was when she attended a Halloween party at Kink and she really liked the Armory. They were the first people that contacted her about shooting and they were the ones that helped her achieve her lifetime goal of becoming a porn performer.Her dreamy body, big and perky breasts and her gorgeous face were her one-way ticket to success in this industry. She has been actively shooting scenes in genres such as POV, group sex, facial, lesbian, anal, hardcore, toys, deep throat, and creampie. The most favorite genre for Moka is gang bang; she has stated that the more male talents she has to shoot with, the happier she is.Even though she is bi-sexual and worked as a dominatrix for a while, when comes to her personal taste, she is attracted to soft, quiet and nerdy guys. Moka is interested in people who are sweet and soft, when comes to guys, and when comes to girls she likes smart, strong and sexy girls. Her biggest fetish is intelligence.


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