Sammie Six

Sammie Six


Sammie Six (aka Sammie Six, Sammy Sixx) was born on September 10, 1988, in a small town near Denver, Colorado. Her real name is Chloh Regrets. She is a girl with pretty face and lovely blue eyes. She’s changing her hair color very often. You could see her as a brunette or a blonde girl. Her body is in excellent shape. Her natural tits were small, but she decided to enhance them. Now they are sized 32D. Her ass is small and solid. She looks like a walking comic book because of numerous tattoos, which she has all over her body. Her navel is pierced. Before she decided to become an actress, she lived an ordinary and a bit boring life as a hairdresser. She used the first opportunity which was offered to her to change her life. And not just her life, but also to satisfy her sexual fantasies.

Her first agent gave her the stage name Sammie Six. Why Six? Because she is using six different sex toys in her private life. When she is not in front of the camera, she likes to indulge in surfing, painting, traveling, exercising, singing and pole dancing. She is marijuana enthusiast and a big fan of video games. Her favorite games are Final Fantasy and Resident Evil.


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