Siri was born on June 20, 1988 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ever since she was a teenage girl she wanted to become a porn star and once she turned nineteen she moved to Los Angeles in order to make her dream come true. She is of Scandinavian descent, more precisely she is of Swedish, some Danish and Norwegian descent. Her name is a shortened version of the Scandinavian name Sigrid (quite common for those countries) and can be translated as “beautiful victory (in Old Norse).

Siri is a big lady, tall and curvy and surely has mesmerizing large breasts (30H) which she gives a lot of attention in her videos. She has a tattoo of a heart with guitar tuning knobs on her left forearm; Swedish dala horse on her right upper arm and hummingbird on her left pelvic area. She has no piercings and she is completely free of any surgeries. She is actively using Twitter where fans can see some really hot photos of her latest scenes.


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