Sloan Harper

Sloan Harper


Sloan Harper was born on June 21, 1993 in Redondo Beach, CA, USA.

Sloan Harper joined the porn industry in September 2017, and her reasons for joining the porn industry are concealed. Nevertheless, she is putting up hot action which tells you that it is what she wanted. She is quite grown, having entered into the world of porn at the age of 23, so we can expect quite some significant sexual exposure before she joined the industry.

Harper has a quite sexy body, and she knows how to give it to her male lovers. She is the naughty girl you want to have an experience with. She can give a blowjob that will milk a man’s dick dry, then take the cock to her busty chest, which is size 34D, and offer an amazing boob-job that will leave the male moaning for more. She knows how to position herself, whether she is getting it in the ass or being fucked in her pussy, she can pull numerous styles and never gets tired of hardcore action.


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