The Wedding Crasher

The Wedding Crasher
The Wedding Crasher
The Wedding Crasher
The Wedding Crasher
The Wedding Crasher
The Wedding Crasher
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You have an extraordinary hobby: you sneak into strangers' weddings in a disguise to seduce as many chicks from the wedding crowd as you can. You take this dirty game of yours very seriously: you even have a special scoring system. Banging a waitress or staff member scores 1 point; a not too close relative or a family friend scores 2 points; a bridesmaid scores 3 points; a close relative to the bride gives you 4 points; and the bride herself gets the highest score: 10 points. Managing to get into a threesome means 2 extra points, what's more, if you are the master of your game and have a foursome, you’ll earn 3 bonus points. Well then, now that the rules of the game are clear, don't hesitate to meet the wedding crowd! The bitchy but sexy bridesmaids, Abella Danger, Emma Hix and Lacy Lennon; the bride’s bossy step-mother, Dana Dearmond; the cute & clumsy waitress, Cecilia Lion and the mysterious one, Khloe Kapri; the bride's slutty cousin, Alexia Anders; and last but not least the beautiful bride herself, Vanna Bardot. Are you ready to be the Wedding Crasher? It seems easy but don’t be greedy: only the best of the bests can play this pervy game masterfully. Are you the one? Prove yourself and enjoy the game!

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Abella Danger Dana DeArmond Emma Hix
Vanna Bardot Lacy Lennon Khloe Kapri
Cecilia Lion Alexia Anders